Standard Products

Our technical & purchasing teams strive to offer you such a wide range of high quality products, kits, prototypes and complete systems to meet your exact requirements. We pride ourselves on supplying products that are thoroughly tested and integrate well to ensure their suitability to optimise your fluidic system needs.

Solvent Reservoir Bottles

Chemically inert solvent reservoir bottles

Supplied with a standard 1 litre GL45 Reagent Bottle

  • ¼-28 Connection Ports
  • Low Profile Design
  • Inert PTFE Inner / Tough Polypropylene outer
  • 4-PP-9002 2-Way Bottle Cap
  • 4-PP-9003 3-Way bottle Cap
  • 4-PP-9009 9-Way bottle Cap


All have 1 entry port for 1/16”  tube and the remainder are 1/8 exit port

Standard reservoir bottle

Supplied with 250ml bottle

  • Luer Connections
  • Cost Effective
  • Nylon Inner / Polypropylene outerCaps
  • Chemically inert bottle caps for Schott type GL45 reagent reservoirs.
  • 4-PP-9019 9-Way Bottle Cap



Manual On/Off Valve

4-PP-8051 Inert On-Off Valve with ¼-28 Connections

4-PP-8052 Nylon on-off valve with male luer fittings

Manual Rotary Valves

Inert rotary valves without no Stainless Steel in the flow path.

Three configurations for multiple uses:
4-PP-8001 1in 4 Out Selector Valve
4-PP-8002 Diverter Valve
4-PP-8003 Switch Over Valve

Barbed Connectors

Polypropylene Barbed Connectors

Barb to Barb

Straight Through


1.6mm Barb



2.5mm Barb



3.2mm Barb



4.0mm Barb



In Polypropylene (Packs of 10)

¼-28 to Barb Fittings in PEEK

1.0mm Barb 4-PP-7001
1.6mm Barb 4-PP-7002
3.2mm Barb 4-PP-7003
4.0mm Barb 4-PP-7004

PTFE Tubing

In addition to the standard sizes detailed below we are able to extrude this material to other sizes to you meet your requirements:
02-tub-ptfe- PTFE Tubing 1/8” (3.2mm) x 1/16” (1.6mm) in 100m reels
02-tub-ptfe-1.6-1.0  PTFE Tubing 1/16” x 1.0mm in 200m reels
02-tub-ptfe- PTFE Tubing 1/16” x 0.8mm in 200m reels
02-tub-ptfe- PTFE Tubing 1/16” x 0.5mm in 200m reels

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